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2 December 2010

Hello Folks,

It’s a beautiful winter day today. Sunny skies, and with a temperature in the 40’s, makes it a little easier to enjoy.

This Week’s News From YOUR Mayor:

New Weekly Event!!!

Beginning this Saturday, December 4th, at 10 a.m., the Mayor will hold weekly meetings entitled, “Coffee At The TripleWide,” at his campaign headquarters, 523 Walnut, 283-8774.

Please come prepared to ask questions of your Mayor and to listen to a message of substance: how your Mayor is tackling and resolving some of Kansas City’s long-term problems.

Coffee will be available. Please dress casually.

In Other News:

Just like last campaign, Funk was aware that his campaign was going well not only by the reception he was getting by the public, but also because none of the polls that the other candidates were paying for were being leaked to the media. And since we weren’t polling, we knew that this omission could only mean that Funk was leading. Eventually, some of those polls were flipped to us and our sense of his being in the lead was confirmed on paper.

We haven’t polled this time either, but Funk says that his reception is better than ever, and that he’s picking up steam. And just last week, we had some poll results flipped to us. Once again, it confirmed Funk’s sense that he’s doing really well. We’ve seen some very encouraging numbers, indeed. While this is great news, we know that we can’t slack up for a minute by taking things for granted. It’s too important for Kansas City that Funk finishes what he started.

Revised Newsletter Title
In case you didn’t notice the change in the newsletter title above, please let me draw your attention to it now. Our Volunteer Coordinator came up with it, which is good, since none of us felt the previous title, “Notes From The River Market,” completely evoked the feel of this second campaign. Let me explain.

The first campaign headquarters was located in the Westside neighborhood. The location was a deliberate choice designed to speak to the need to bring the city’s focus back to our neighborhoods. That newsletter title, “Notes From The DoubleWide,” was a no-brainer: the newsletter was literally composed, edited, and sent from the Double-Wide trailer that served as the campaign headquarters.

For this second campaign, the Mayor purposely chose to locate the campaign headquarters in the City Market: the neighborhood, established and thriving in the heart of downtown, speaks to the need to capitalize on the momentum the Mayor has gained in his first term to focus your tax dollars on your neighborhoods.

But “Notes From The River Market,” while it let readers know about our new location, didn’t quite fit the bill. However, when we compared our new headquarters, a beautifully restored 3-story building, to the good ol’ DoubleWide, the newsletter’s new title became obvious.

“Notes From The TripleWide”: still the same message, still the same goal, but look at how far we’ve come! Kansas City is, indeed, moving on up.

On A More Personal Note:

Running a campaign last time was difficult at first because Funk and I had always been focused on our family, and a campaign leaves little room for that. Funk being Mayor was difficult at first as well, and for the same reason. But we’ve figured out how to share Funk with the city, and for us, that means that we support him in keeping his promise to Kansas City residents. So, running the campaign this time is easier for us because our children are involved.

As Always:

Since this is a grassroots campaign, we need your help. Please visit our website,, to sign up to donate your time as a volunteer or to donate financially.

In faith,

Gloria and Mark

Some People Say:

"If I could fix one thing in city government I'd get Councilmen who are fiscally conservative and don't vote on million dollar studies when I go out of town."

~Larry Hoffman

"I know you stand tall and we are here to help you stand strong - you have only begun and we need your leadership."
~Richard Darr

"These are things that touch each and every citizen: the roads and snow removal. I just wish the city government would realize that regular citizens do pay attention and that these simple things mean the world to people."
~Julie Gabriele

"As the Mayor, I admire your steadfast commitment for improvement. I appreciate your honesty and common sense approach to resolve problems. You have a thankless job and tough skin and an unyielding attitude that good will prevail. You have great ideas and a clear vision of what you want to accomplish. I would be honored to help with your re-election."
~Lynn Anderson

"Mark's common sense is what is needed in all levels of government."
~Kent Rader

"I think Funkhouser is the most intelligent mayor Kansas City has ever had. He's a blue-collar guy with a Ph.D."
~Bill Drummond

"Mayor Funkhouser listens to his constituents whether it's at the grocery store or a town hall meeting. He hears our concerns and implements them at City Hall. He is our voice."
~Laura Remy

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· Official twitter account of Mark Funkhouser- Mayor of Kansas City Missouri

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