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4 November 2010

Dear Folks,

Ever since the Mayor successfully kicked off his re-election campaign to the media a few weeks back, we have been busily preparing for the fun part – the campaign kick-off party and the re-election win.

Last Tuesday, we had 17 volunteers collecting petition signatures to legally place the Mayor’s name on the election ballot. Every incumbent and candidate has to go through this process in order to meet the requirements of the Election Board.

The volunteers were generous with their time, and because of that, we were absolutely successful. They collected well over the 1000 signatures that were needed to place the Mayor’s name on the ballot. The Volunteer Coordinator, Tara Squitiro, put over 300 miles on her little pink truck, making sure that the volunteers had enough supplies, and were nurtured with coffee, food and drink throughout the day.

The feedback the volunteers received from the voters was indicative of what we already knew: there are tons of die-hard supporters of the Mayor out there, along with a smattering of people who have bought into the bill of goods that the political hacks have worked so hard to sell them. All in all, the Mayor’s approval rating seems to be picking up steam. Meaningful change is hard on everyone. Thankfully the people see that they have an honest and competent Mayor on their side that has delivered for them, despite the long recession.

A big thank you goes out to all the volunteers who participated. As always, Funk will win this election, but he cannot do it alone. He needs your mental, spiritual, and physical support to see him and you through to fruition.

While getting that task accomplished, we’ve also been working on the fun part – the 2011 Campaign Kick-Off Party!

Cosentino’s has graciously donated the food for the party. And Boulevard Brewing Company has generously donated the beer, including many bottles of Funk’s namesake beer from the last campaign: DoubleWide IPA. The new Cellar & Loft that’s going in next to the campaign headquarters in the River Market, run by Bill Dane, Mayor of Kearney, and Eddie Kennison, former wide-receiver for the Chiefs, has provided the wine at cost for the event. And the band, Levee Town, will be playing some great blues music throughout the evening.

All in all, many hands have made light work, and because of that we’re able to put on a fun and classy event for tomorrow night’s event. We hope you’ll join us and be a part of the fun.

Mayor Mark Funkhouser

2011 Campaign Kick-Off Party

Hosted by the Godfather of the Crossroads, Jim Leedy

Please join us at

The Leedy-VoulkosArt Gallery

2012 Baltimore

Friday, 5 November 2010

6:00pm ~ Speech

Mayor Mark Funkhouser

6:30pm ~ Music

Levee Town

Light hors d’oeuvres, beer, wine & soda will be served while supplies last

Of course, we’ve also been working diligently on the political side. The Mayor is the best product that Kansas City has, but as always, getting his message into the hands of his constituents is always the hard part.

The campaign is tackling getting his message out in many ways. First, by having a website that is filled with meaningful words, instead of the typical political fluff. Since the Mayor believes in his agenda, he is unafraid of communicating it. Given that Funk is still a Mayor of the people, first and foremost, he is particularly unwilling to hide what he believes in for fear that someone make not like his approach. Given that, the website is full of meaningful documents that have been transparently communicated to you.

Second, he continues to communicate with his constituents by way of newsletters, meet and greets, screenings and debates, to name a few.

Last, he seeks input from all types of people, from all walks of life. From the kids who stop him on the street corner, to the elderly he talks with at the grocery store, to the people who belong to differing party affiliations, and, of course, by talking with the best political consultant in the entire universe, Jeff Roe at Axiom Strategies.

Well, that’s this week’s news from the River Market. We hope you will join Funk at his campaign kick-off party tomorrow evening in the Crossroads, and that you will continue to give him support and feedback.

Your support can take many forms, from volunteering your time, to donating to the cause. You can sign-up to do that and more at, Or you can call the headquarters, 816-283-8774, or better yet, come on by: 523 Walnut.

And you can provide feedback at, Re-Elect Mayor

All best,

Gloria and Mark

Some Say:
"I think Funkhouser is the most intelligent mayor Kansas City has ever had. He's a blue-collar guy with a Ph.D."
-Bill Drummond, Glass-Etcher
"Mayor Funkhouser listens to his constituents whether it's at the grocery store or a town hall meeting. He hears our concerns and implements them at City Hall. He is our voice."
-Laura Remy, Real-Estate Investor

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