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19 October 2010

Dear Folks,

It’s official.  The Mayor kicked off his re-election campaign at 11 a.m. today.  He held a press event at his new campaign headquarters located at 523 Walnut in the River Market.  

The press event went well and was well attended by media and volunteers alike.

And now it’s time for the 2011 Campaign Kick-Off Party!  The Mayor would like to officially invite you, his supporters, to join him: 

Mayor Mark Funkhouser

2011 Campaign Kick-Off Party

Hosted by the Godfather of the Crossroads, Jim Leedy

Please join us at

The Leedy-VoulkosArt Gallery

2012 Baltimore

Friday, 5 November 2010

6:00pm ~ Speech

Mayor Mark Funkhouser

6:30pm ~ Music

Levee Town

Kansas City’s own award winning, homegrown blues band

Light hors d’oeuvres, beer, wine & soda donated by


Boulevard Brewing Company

Please Join Us!

The following is the Mayor’s press release that went out to the media this morning:

“When newly elected Mayor Mark Funkhouser took office in 2007, he was faced with cleaning up a financial mess left by former administrations that valued glitzy projects above basic services.

In less than four years – and during the worst financial collapse since the Great Depression – the Mayor has stabilized the city’s finances andput an end to out-of-control spending at City Hall

He has eliminated more than 500 city jobs. Yet he has found a way to reinvest in our neighborhood infrastructure, put schools first and protect funding for the services that matter most, our cops and firefighters

Mayor Funkhouser has been fearless in his approach to the job of being Mayor, never letting a spirit of go-along-get-along stop him from challenging stupidity and fighting corruption.

The Funk is not done yet.

Mayor Funkhouser today said he will seek re-election in 2011.

“I have kept my promise to be smart with the money, and to fight those who are greed-driven and wasteful,” Mayor Funkhouser said. “It’s because I haven’t backed down from that fight, that I have been able to keep my promises to you.

“I have kept my promise to reform the TIF process.”

“I have kept my promise to return our focus to basic services, like getting rid of those awful metal plates.”

“I have kept my promise to restore the voice and the power to the people who matter, the ordinary men and women of Kansas City.”

The Mayor made his announcement today during a press conference at his new campaign headquarters, 523 Walnut, in the River Market.

The Mayor also announced his new campaign website, www.  

Funkhouser told the media, “It has not always been easy.  The men and women who wield power, and have profited from it, don’t like change. With any worthwhile change, there comes a fight. But the fight is worth it for the residents of Kansas City.”

As we near the end of the term, the city’s finances are in as good a shape as they’ve been in decades. The budget is honest. The credit rating is stable. 

“This administration has made a difference,” Mayor Funkhouser said. “In four more years we can do even more for our residents. We can change even more. We can stand up and fight the special interests even more.”

“Your money.  Your Voice.  YOUR Mayor.”

Now that the Mayor has officially announced, his campaign headquarters will be open Monday through Friday, from 9-5.  After the first of the year, when the campaign kicks into high gear, we will have longer hours and be open seven days a week.  At that time, we will again open our auxiliary office in the Northland.

We would love it if you got involved.  

Your support can take many forms, from volunteering your time, to donating to the cause.  You can sign-up to do that and more at,  Or you can call the headquarters, 816-283-8774, or better yet, come on by: 523 Walnut.  

Volunteering for a campaign is a lot of fun.  We hope you will join us.

All best,

Gloria and Mark

Some People Say:
"If I could fix one thing in city government I'd get Councilmen who are fiscally conservative and don't go and vote on million dollar studies while I'm out of town."
-Larry Hoffman, Facebook

"The Citizens of Kansas City trusted, mistakenly it seems, the council members when they renewed the one cent sales tax in 2007. I have to ask myself if the voters would have passed it knowing that huge sums would be donated to the Chiefs and Royals owners?"
-Anne Robertson, Facebook

"How sad to read that the safety of the citizens of Kansas City is not the #1 priority for the majority of council members, especially in light of national statistics. Safety first. It's a no brain-er. What's their excuse? Mayor Funkhouser appears to be the only adult at City Hall."
-Pamela Osgood, e-mail

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