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Campaign News and Updates

AutoNowKC.com Launches New Websites for 5 Dealerships

Published: 3/17/2014

The successful AutoNowKC.com franchise launched new websites for the Kansas City, Independence, Belton, Olathe and Topeka Kansas dealerships reaching over 6,000 buyers in the first week alone! Read More

Instagram - the # 1 Social Network for the next generation

Published: 2/19/2011

Facebook purchased Instagram to ensure it did not become the next competitor to the successful social network. Instagram is the # 1 used social network by the 'Under 18' crowd. Read More

Mayor Funkhouser Releases Fourth "In His Own Words" Video On Rebuilding Our Neighborhoods

Published: 2/19/2011

The short video is the third in a series by Kansas City photographer/filmmaker Stephen Locke. In His Own Words offers Kansas City residents an unprecedented opportunity to hear the Mayor's thoughts on everything from making mistakes to his vision for the future of Kansas City.

The Mayor has put into place several programs designed to restore neighborhoods around schools to offer middle-class families good housing at affordable prices in some of Kansas City's longest-established communities. The Mayor believes that redevelopment around schools will spill over to surrounding neighborhoods, leading to new families, new businesses and new jobs.

“If we do our job in the most basic way, manage the money well, provide public safety, provide infrastructure, do the basic work, we have a wonderful city,” Mayor Funkhouser says. “We could bring people back.” Read More

Bottomline.com celebrates the Yael reference in "Funkomania" video

Published: 2/19/2011

From Bottomline.com: With the primary election set for next Tuesday, Funkhouser has turned the tables and produced a video where he pokes "Yael" and some of his opponents such as Sly James and Deb Hermann. Read More

Mayor Funkhouser Releases Third "In His Own Words" Video On Public Safety

Published: 2/18/2011

Kansas City is not the safest city in America – yet.

The city has come a long way in reducing its crime problems. Property crime in Kansas City is down about 30 percent in the last four years. Violent crime is down about 19 percent.

“But it's still way too high,” says Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser. “We intend to make our city the safest city in the United States. And that is a doable thing.” Read More

Campaign release: "Funkomania" epidemic sweeps through Kansas City

Published: 2/17/2011

“You've just got a good case of the Funkomania.”

It's T-minus five days and counting, and the future of Kansas City will be in the hands of voters on Tuesday the 22nd.

In a new spoof video, the Campaign to Re-elect Mayor Mark Funkhouser is urging voters to get to the polls and vote yes to keep Funkomania alive in Kansas City.

Read More

Mayor Funkhouser Addresses the City's Successful Cleanup of the 2011 Blizzard

Published: 2/16/2011

In a recent article by The Northeast News' Leslie Collins entitled "Baby It's Cold Outside... But Kansas City Survived," Mayor Funkhouser describes the city's hugely successful cleanup of the 2011 blizzard and gives credit to city employees and citizens alike. Read More

Mayor Mark Funkhouser Releases The Second In A Series Of "In His Own Words" Videos

Published: 2/16/2011

On Jobs and Finance

In a new video, Mayor Funkhouser talks candidly about jobs and Kansas City's finances, and his plan to build on Kansas City's urban vitality by bringing middle-class families back to central city neighborhoods. Read More

Mayor Mark Funkhouser Releases "Truth Watch" Video -- “Hallelujah The Funk Stepped In”

Published: 2/14/2011

Mayor Mark Funkhouser today released a new video looking at opponent Jim Rowland's track record during his last stint on the City Council, and his recent claims about being a budget watchdog.

In the video, “Hallelujah The Funk Stepped In,” Rowland, a former Council member who quit in 2006 during his second term, boasts about being a budget cutter while he was on the City Council. In the Truth Watch, the video notes that the city budget actually increased by more than 50 percent on candidate Rowland's watch. Read More

Bottomline.com outs the unholy alliance of Yael and TKC who share a blind, vitriolic hatred of Mayor Funkhouser

Published: 2/12/2011

It might be the strangest pairing in media history.

Yael Abouhalkah has been a major king-maker at the Kansas City Star for decades. Tony Botello operates the area's most-read blog "Tonyskansascity.com." He refers to Abouhalkah's employer as simply the "dead tree media."


Ironically, both Yael and Tony have set their sights on kicking current KCMO Mayor Mark Funkhouser out of office. Neither have written a positive word about Funkhouser in more than a year. Read More

Latest "Truth Watch" video lampoons the idea of a downtown hotel as city savior

Published: 2/11/2011

In a new video, the Mayor Mark Funkhouser re-election campaign takes a lighthearted look at one of the more serious topics being debated in Kansas City.

Entitled I Know What You Need, the video spoofs a plan pushed by the regional Chamber of Commerce, and endorsed by most of Funk's opponents, to use public money to build a $400 million convention hotel Downtown. Read More

Mayor Funkhouser Calls for Our Own Kansas City Chamber of Commerce

Published: 2/10/2011

The chamber co-sponsored this latest in a series of mayoral forums, but that didn’t keep Funkhouser from blasting the organization with allegations of inadequately supporting Kansas City business and renewing his call for a Kansas City-only chamber of commerce. Read More

Mayor Funkhouser highlights difference between opponents' rhetoric and record

Published: 2/7/2011

Kansas City – Mayor Mayor Mark Funkhouser today held a press conference in front of the Prospect North Redevelopment area of Kansas City.

In the press conference, Mayor Funkhouser exposed two of his opponents, Deb Hermann and Jim Rowland, for being behind many of the bailouts, boondoggles and blunders that led him to run for mayor four years ago and have compelled him to run for re-election. Read More

Mayor Funkhouser Web site is tops, according to KC Rag

Published: 2/4/2011

Mayor Funkhouser's campaign has maintained its Web savvy the second time around. KC Rag ranks the campaign site number one among Mayoral candidates. Read More

David Martin of The Pitch summarizes the mayoral election for KCUR

Published: 2/3/2011

No One Big Issue Emerging in KCMO Municipal Election

Sylvia Maria Gross

KANSAS CITY, MO. (kcur) - This election season in Kansas City, candidates are responding to the grim economic climate, and an unusually charged four years in city hall. David Martin follows city politics as a staff writer for The Pitch. He told KCUR's Sylvia Maria Gross that this election is very different from four years ago.

"In the four years before he became Mayor, the city did a lot of borrowing and spending. They've done less of that," Martin tells Gross on this audio interview. "In terms of getting the finances in order, I think you can make a pretty decent case that he's done what he said he was going to do." Read More

Star: Mayor says KC survived storm well

Published: 2/2/2011

Mayor says KC survived storm well; plowing continues

By LYNN HORSLEY The Kansas City Star

Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser said today that city crews and residents should be proud of how they’ve weathered one of the worst blizzards to hit this area in decades.

“We just went through what everybody said was a storm of historic proportions, and did a pretty good job by all accounts,” he said in a press conference this afternoon. “Nobody was hurt….Things went incredibly well.” Read More

Letter to the editor: Snow response improved under Mayor Funkhouser

Published: 2/1/2011

Better snow removal

My husband and I moved here from Colorado in 2003. We had no idea that Kansas City had a poor reputation for snow removal, and so we were devastated to learn that our beautiful neighborhood had a terrible downside.

On multiple occasions we have been trapped on our own block, punished for owning fuel-efficient small cars that couldn’t navigate the deep snow. My husband’s car bumper was damaged one year when his car slid into the storm sewer.

And when repeated foot surgeries made getting to the car treacherous, we even considered moving to the Kansas side of the state line.

But not this year. This winter we have seen timely, repeated, adequate snow removal from the streets around our home in Waldo. We appreciate that Mayor Mark Funkhouser and public works officials listened to citizen complaints and made changes for the better. While there is still room for improvement, we now can truly enjoy living in Kansas City even in the winter.

Misty McNally

Kansas City Read More

Bottom Line Communications points out Star endorses Funkhouser's policy

Published: 1/31/2011


It is enough to make a journalist embarrassed to be part of the profession.

There is little doubt the Kansas City Star has virtually given up any pretense of journalistic objectivity (LINK) in the upcoming race for Mayor of Kansas City (MO).

A recent (1/30) editorial clearly highlights that sad fact.

Insiders are asking how can the Star praise several mayoral candidates for shifting gears on using city-backed bonds for future development projects when that has been a key foundation of current Mayor Mark Funkhouser's administration almost from the day he took office?

Sadly, Funkhouser is never even mentioned in the lengthy editorial. Not once.

The Star?s editorial proclaimed "Development yes, but without city-backed bonds."

As one political insider noted, an honest headline should have been: "Funkhouser has been right all these years; Opponents just now catching on."

"If not for Mayor Funkhouser this wouldn't even be a topic, and the city's finances would still be messed up and the city credit rating would be in the toilet," he added. Read More

KCUR catches up with Mayor Funkhouser at the Triplewide

Published: 1/29/2011

Maria Carter

KANSAS CITY, MO. (kcur) - KCUR is running a series of conversation with candidates in the race for Kansas City Missouri Mayor. We're asking them about crime and how to balance the city's budget during tough economic times. Maria Carter caught up with the incumbent, Mayor Mark Funkhouser, at his campaign headquarters in the city market.

Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser's campaign headquarters is called by the mayor and his staff the triple wide a reference to the double wide trailer that housed his first campaign four years ago. But the airy space in a century old building in the City Market is more likely to be mistaken for an art gallery than a trailer. Funkhouser says he feels at home in the city market. He throws on his coat for the short walk a few doors down from campaign headquarters to Antonio's Pizzeria.

Funkhouser: Hey John!

John: Hey, Mayor!

Funkhouser: This is John. John owns this place. John, how long you been in here?

John: We've been in here approaching two years.

Funkhouser: This is the kind of stuff John and his little shop here of what makes Kansas City unique and original. This isn't some big chain. This is one guy and a little store, making a neighborhood unique. Read More

Mayor Funkhouser sees progress on the business friendly front

Published: 1/27/2011

A city news release tells the story: "Kansas City's economy is built on small business," said Mayor Mark Funkhouser. "With this new customer service center, and our new Development & Zoning Code, we're treating our businesses and residents as customers who have a choice where they live and do business. We want them to choose to come and stay in Kansas City.” Read More

New York Times: New York State Takes Over Nassau County Because of Huge Deficit

Published: 1/26/2011

Meanwhile, Mayor Funkhouser has put Kansas City in its best financial shape in 10 years...

From the New York Times: UNIONDALE, N.Y. — A state oversight board has seized control of Nassau County’s finances, saying the wealthy and heavily taxed county had nonetheless failed to balance its $2.6 billion budget despite months of increasingly ominous warnings. Read More

Toellner Tells us Funk was the right Mayor for the recession

Published: 1/20/2011

Blogger Brent Toellner offers a pretty even handed review of a recent Mayoral forum.

Along with a breakdown of the candidates, Toellner offers the following truth: "I think in a lot of ways KC was lucky that they ended up with Funkhouser as mayor during the recession, because his focus on keeping a responsible budget has probably put the city on stronger financial footing than we otherwise would have been." Read More

Mayor Mark Funkhouser and his report on the problems with government and how to solve them.

Published: 1/19/2011

Channel 9's Mike Mahoney uses a marginal photo, but summarizes the Mayor's Eco Devo round table discussion reasonably well... Read More

KC Star Primebuzz summarizes Mayor's white paper on eco devo

Published: 1/19/2011

Funkhouser wants KC to be center of international trade

Lynn Horsley

Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser issued a “white paper” today defending his past economic development efforts and laying out a vision for Kansas City to become a center for international trade. Read More

Mayor Funkhouser asks U.S. Attorney to look at Port Authority mess

Published: 1/19/2011

Mayor Funkhouser sent a letter and packet of information to U.S. District Attorney Beth Phillips back in December asking her to consider assigning an investigator to look into the Port Authority. The packet included a copy of a letter of concern about conflicts of interest and runaway legal expenses the Mayor sent to Kansas City Economic Development Corporation board president Clyde McQueen. It also included a legal opinion regarding Port Authority board appointments and backing the City Attorney's contention that the appointments come from the Mayor rather than the full City Council. The packet is enlightening as more concerns continue to be raised about the city agency and its recent leadership. Read More

Read an All Souls speech summary and hear Mayor Funkhouser's speech via podcast

Source: Mayor's Office press release
Published: 1/16/2011

Mayor Funkhouser: ‘It’s time for Kansas City to return to the basics’

Mayor Mark Funkhouser on Sunday called for Kansas City to get back to the basics to make sure it remains “a city to live in, not just a city to visit.”

Citing improvements in city government finances, as well as neighborhood-oriented programs initiated by his administration over the last 3½ years, Mayor Funkhouser said Kansas City is well positioned to exit the recession and move forward. Read More

First Breakfast Buzz calls Mayor Funkhouser a "winner" and gives him the Number one ranking

Published: 1/14/2011

Mayoral Power Ratings Edition #2 — a major realignment

1) The Funk. Growing sense he’ll make the two-candidate runoff. We’ve seen poll numbers. He’s got enough base support to slide into the final. Read More

There is a reason Mayor Funkhouser looks so calm... "integrity."

Published: 1/13/2011

Overestimating the Funk’s weakness

by Bruce Rodgers

On the first day of the year the Kansas City Star opined in a section titled “Looking Forward to ‘11” that KCMO Mayor Mark Funkhouser was “in a fierce battle to retain his seat.”

Later that same day, Funkhouser, and wife Gloria Squitiro, hosted supporters and friends — via facebook — for a gathering at the mayor’s “TripleWide” reelection headquarters in the River Market. If the mayor was “in a fierce battle” he remained untouched and unconcerned about it all. Funkhouser was friendly, engaging and (dare I say) mellow as he circulated among people. He is confident of a second term and wears his increasingly custom-fitted Teflon attire quite nicely. Read More

Mayoral Candidate Sly James says he's in ... second, while Mayor Funkhouser leads by a lot.

Published: 1/13/2011

Sly James' campaign says Sly is in second

Mike Mansur

... The memo reports the current slate of primary candidates at these levels of support: Mark Funkhouser, 26 percent. Sly James, 11 percent Deb Hermann, 10 percent. Charlie Wheeler, 10 percent Mike Burke 5 percent. Jim Rowland, 4 percent. Henry Klein, 2 percent. Read More

Trey Runnion resigns from Port Authority... finally

Published: 1/13/2011

Trey Runnion resigns from Port Authority

By David Martin, Thu., Jan. 13 2011 @ 11:30AM

The Richards-Gebaur air base, where lawyers magically transform into excavators.

Trey Runnion has resigned from the embattled Port Authority of Kansas City.
The city agency has come under criticism for allowing its general counsel, William Session, to enter into a multimillion-dollar contract to excavate land the Port Authority sold to a private developer. Runnion signed off on the arrangement amid a complaint that Session's familiarity with the project at the former Richards-Gebaur airbase gave him an unfair advantage. Read More

Mayor Funkhouser's focus on basic services results in improved snow plow response

Published: 1/11/2011

Whew! Kansas City streets are not a disaster

Kansas City Star Editorial

As a bright sun burned snow off blacktops Tuesday, some storm-induced anxiety in City Hall also melted.

With an election to renew the earnings tax coming up April 5, Kansas City can ill afford a basic services breakdown. And in years past, nothing has highlighted the city’s shortcomings in that regard like slippery main arteries and washboard-like side streets.

But Kansas City appears to have handled this winter’s first major storm nicely, thanks to a combination of preparation and luck. Read More

Mayor Funkhouser announces big changes to snow plow approach

Source: Kansas City Star
Published: 1/10/2011

KC gets first test of new snow-removal plan


Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser said today that residents should see improved snow removal in this storm, thanks to key changes in the city’s snow plan.

The mayor emphasized that everything’s not perfect and said, “We’ve got a ways to go,” but he praised the new approach. Read More

Mayor Funkhouser touts the importance of taking care of the money at All Souls "State of the City"

Source: Fox 4
Published: 1/10/2011

Kansas City, Missouri Mayor Mark Funkhouser says the city needs to work to be safer. Funkhouser feels there are other improvements that need to be made as well. During his state of the city address on Sunday morning, Funkhouser said the city needs to stay focused on staying financially fit.

"If you don't take care of the money, you cannot take care of the people," Funkhouser said. "If you don't take care of the money, pain and misery will surely follow." Read More

The FBI is asking tough questions about the Port Authority, while a City Council committee avoids action

Published: 1/6/2011

Trey Runnion kept in place at Port Authority as FBI takes interest By David Martin, Thu., Jan. 6 2011 @ 6:00AM The mayor says the FBI is asking about Port Authority lawyer William Session. ?The FBI is apparently sniffing around the Port Authority of Kansas City, but a City Council committee declined an opportunity on Wednesday to jettison the agency's chairman, Trey Runnion. Mayor Mark Funkhouser has identified replacements for Runnion and another Port Authority board member. The agency has come under fire because its lawyer, William Session, received a contract to excavate land that the Port Authority sold to a private developer. But members of the City Council are clinging to the idea that retaining Runnion, Session's enabler, is better than the alternative Funkhouser is proposing. Read More

After Mayor Funkhouser Raises Concerns, Trey Runnion Takes a Step in the Right Direction

Published: 1/6/2011

Port Authority chairman set to step down


The Kansas City Star

The chairman of the Kansas City Port Authority is apparently prepared to step down from that post — but not from the authority’s board.

Trey Runnion told Councilman Bill Skaggs on Thursday that he would leave the post at the authority’s next meeting, set for Jan. 18. Read More

Mayor Funkhouser continues to push for more business friendly city

Published: 1/4/2011

Kansas City aims to ease process of opening a business with office move Kansas City Business Journal - by Aly Van Dyke , Staff Writer Kansas City’s Finance Department has moved its business license office from City Hall to 1118 Oak St. as part of an effort to make it easier to open a business in the city. Read More

Mayor Funkhouser Confirms Feds Looking Into Port Authority Controversy

Published: 1/1/2011

By MICHAEL MANSUR, LYNN HORSLEY and DAVE HELLING The Kansas City Star Posted on Wed, Jan. 05, 2011 11:58 PM See original ar... Read More

Kansas City Leaders Throw Good Money After Bad For Convention Hotel

Published: 1/1/2011

The same consulting company that appears to have significantly overshot financial projections for the Kansas City Power & Light District has been ... Read More

Star-Crossed Lover?

Published: 12/2/2010

Bottom Line Communications 12-02-2010 FASHIONS HIMSELF AS KC’S KING MAKER ABOUHALKAH ALMOST COMPLIMENTS FUNKHOUSER Stop the presses!!!! Yael ... Read More

Star Columnist Steve Penn likes Mayor Funkhouser's choice of City Manager

Published: 11/22/2010

Election of KC mayor will be a twofer


Kansas Citians need to be reminded that when voters select the next mayor, they will make two choices.

A selection for mayor basically means a selection for city manager. According to the city charter, the mayor has the responsibility for nominating the city manager. Read More

KMBC GM rips City Council ordinance that unnecessarily limits city communication

Source: KMBC Channel 9
Published: 11/15/2010

Silly is the word Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser used to describe it.

City Councilman Ed Ford has proposed an ordinance that would ban appearances by the mayor and members of the City Council in any city-funded advertising, website, newsletter or public event in the 90 days prior to each election.

How can a mayor stop being mayor when part of the job is to communicate with constituents? Read More

Kraske all but endorses Mayor Funkhouser, says it's hard to distinguish one of his challengers from the other

Source: Kansas City Star
Published: 11/13/2010

Good mayoral candidates, but no standout, in KC


The Kansas City Star

... Each has to figure out how to stand out from the crowd. In fact, this ranks as their key challenge.

Funkhouser already has this part of his campaign down pat, and it was his ability to stand out that got him elected four years ago in a 12-candiate field. This time around, he’ll again rail against developers and talk about fighting for more cops. He’ll insist he curbed out-of-control spending. Read More

Funkhouser’s Wife Reflects On The Past And Works Toward The Future

Published: 11/12/2010

Lisa Benson (NBC Action News) — As a wife, a mother of two, and a woman who spent 17 years teaching other women how to naturally give birth –the... Read More

Citizens Association Chair Resigns To Protest Political Process That Excluded Mayor From Debate

Published: 11/10/2010

Chris Hernandez (NBC Action News) — The Citizens Association held to a debate Tuesday night to decide which candidate to endorse in next spring’... Read More

Back to the Future? Hermann and Rowland’s Rhetoric Doesn’t Match Their Record


Kansas City – Mayor Mayor Mark Funkhouser today held a press conference in front of the Prospect North Redevelopment area of Kansas City.

In the press conference, Mayor Funkhouser exposed two of his opponents, Deb Hermann and Jim Rowland, for being behind many of the bailouts, boondoggles and blunders that led him to run for mayor four years ago and have compelled him to run for re-election. Read More

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