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"Working with the people at Internet Builder Consulting was a very pleasant experience. Their professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction was evident in everything from their prompt responses to questions to their willingness to teach their customers. It truly was a partnership between our companies that helped to create our site which has already began to generate leads. In building our site it was very important to us to have a site that not only look good, but was also functional and flexible for the needs of our company. The builder administration system offered by Internet Builder Consulting allows us to update details on our site in real time without having to rely on another company to make the changes. This helps us keep our site current and fresh."

- Chris George, Chris George Homes
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"How Did You Get So Good at Online Marketing?"

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"What is the toughest part of your job?"

-Tom , Kansas City!

"What is your top priority for Innovation"

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Robert Dotcom Jackson Internet Inventor and Innovator of Internet Builder Consulting

Quick Stats


Kansas City, MO

Likes To:

Run, Exercise

Restore old homes

Working on his classic cars, trucks and sports cars

LOVES Internet, Computers, Technology & Gadgets

Meet Robert Dotcom Jackson Internet Innovator & Expert

20 years professional technical, Internet, training and consulting. Early team member and Technical Services Director for HomeStore.com (REALTOR.com/Move.com) participated in the IPO late 1999. Certified Internet Consultant, Trainer and Presenter at the NAHB International Builders Shows every year since 1999. National website marketing and Search Engine Optimization classes with Bob Schultz & The New Home Specialists and other professionals. Ongoing Internet development, usability, marketing and optimization solutions with a clear return on investment for clients.

One of the first Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing specialists in the country who created, defined and invented SEO standards used by thousands of companies today.

Mr. Jackson began providing and teaching 'Social Marketing' classes in 2005 recommending the use of Blogs, YouTube, MySpace and other Social Networking tools to drive traffic to websites. This has now become a mainstream social marketing tool used worldwide.

Speaker at Search Engine Expo (New York & Cancun Shows)
PCBC, TecHome Expo, National Board of Directors, Chairman of the Sales & Marketing Council, NAHB International Builders Show, NAIC National Convention, COMDEX, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) Las Vegas.

Selected to present the inaugural MIRM ProEd Internet & Technology class for the NAHB in Washington D.C.

Social Marketing Success trainer for the 2011 International CES (the #1 computer and technology show in the world)

Internet & Sales articles published in national magazines including Sales & Marketing Ideas, Professional Builder, REALTOR Magazine, WIRED and The Business Journal

Specialties: Website Design/Development, Social Media Marketing (Social Network Marketing), Internet Law; EHO and the Internet; Consumer Focused Development Model; Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert; Social Media Marketing; Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider

Public Service

Dotcom has shared his success with charities, homeless and organizations throughout Kansas City, Missouri. He has volunteered and donated websites, hosting, marketing for 26 charities of Kansas City for 20 years. Since taking his former company public in 1999 Mr. Jackson has been active within the community supporting worthy causes, not-for-profit agencies, the homeless and faith based organizations.

  • Online Marketing, Social Networking, Websites & SEO

    St. Jude Children's Hospitals Nationwide
    • Children
    July 2011 present (3 years 1 month)

    St Jude Hospitals do wonderful work to help sick children nationwide including the St Jude Dream Homes which I was asked to help market. In 2014 the national office contacted me to help with websites, social networking, SEO and online marketing nationwide. The work St Jude Children's Hospitals does is one of the best causes I have had the honor to work with, thank you!

  • Websites, Social Marketing, Volunteer

    • Children
    March 2013 present (1 year 5 months)

    It's always a pleasure working with Linda, Steve and the great work they do for the community. The bonus of being involved with incredible custom built electric cars and enjoying the technology was unexpected. Linda and Steve came to us after a good friend referred them for help with the website, social networking, marketing and fundraising. It has been a great relationship and I look forward to...more

  • Websites, Online Marketing & Volunteer

    Down Syndrome Guild
    • Children
    February 1998 June 2013 (15 years 5 months)

    We donated several websites, Social Marketing and Online Marketing to the Down Syndrome Guild and Kansas City Chiefs First Downs for Down Syndrome over 14 years. I was also active with events, taking some of the children for trips in my classic cars and enjoy helping. The Chiefs ended up using part of the NFL Website to make it easier for them to update in 2013 but we still assist as needed.

  • Websites, Events and Technology Consulting

    Kansas City Chiefs Ambassadors
    • Economic Empowerment
    May 2001 present (13 years 3 months)

    We began working with the Kansas City Chiefs Ambassadors after helping David Lindstrom with his Lt. Governor campaign in Kansas. Dave also brought us on to do his website http://www.DaveLindstrom.com and introduced us to the KC Chiefs to handle their website, event marketing, social marketing, photography and computer support for current and former Chiefs players. It has been a great relationship...more

  • Mentor, Trainer, Speaker

    • Science and Technology
    July 2010 present (4 years 1 month)

    Mentor Lecture Series

    Teams congregate for a weekly lecture series hosted by one of the BetaBlox mentors. The Mentor Lecture Series is an opportunity to network with fellow entrepreneurs, meet successful influencers from the community, and learn business from real-life, local case studies.

    Motivational speeches • Career advice • Discussion of mistakes made • Networking with leaders • Local...more

  • Social Marketing, Fundraising

    Office of Governor Sam Brownback
    • Politics
    March 2010 present (4 years 5 months)

    Mr. Jackson met Governor canidate Sam Brownback at a friend's home in 2010 and consulted with his staff to assist with campaign social marketing and fundraising online. It has been a productive relationship helping his election through use of Facebook, Twitter, Google and WordPress. Mr. Jackson has met with and consults with Governor Brownback's team several times since his election and assists...more

  • Volunteer, Donated Website, SEO & Social Marketing

    Help Your Neighbor Fund
    • Children
    February 2012 present (2 years 6 months)

    When http://www.HelpYourNeighborFund.com needed a website and social marketing they came to www.InternetBuilderConsulting.com and shared their mission of helping neglected and abused children throughout the Metro Kansas City area. We believe in the cause enough that we donated 100% of the services, website, hosting, social marketing and hope you will take a minute to visit the new site to see the...more

  • Donated Websites, Training, Presentations, Virtual Tours & Volunteer

    Touched by Cancer Foundation
    • Health
    January 2001 May 2009 (8 years 5 months)

    When a friend and customer Lori Lober, a cancer survivor needed help starting her foundation to raise money and awareness for cancer. We donated several websites over the years from the http://www.HotLegsKC.com event website to the main Touched by Cancer Foundation websites, virtual tours and professional photography of the Building for a Cure homes, created the presentations, video and audio for...more

  • Website, Event Promotion, Social Marketing & Photography

    Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund
    • Children
    July 2005 present (9 years 1 month)

    The Juvenile Diabetes Alliance needed a website and online marketing for a large event at the Kansas Speedway, photography and help raising funds to help local children. After meeting with the staff we designed and donated the http://www.badridekc.com website, I volunteered at the event and took all of the event photos which we then printed and sent to each of the donors.

  • Websites, Social Marketing, Promotions & Events Volunteer

    Bacchus Foundation
    • Social Services
    April 2009 November 2013 (4 years 8 months)

    Internet Builder Consulting donated over $25,000 in websites, SEO, Social Marketing and technology support including 5 websites, professional social networking setup, optimization and training for several years. We took the online marketing from a green and white template site and no social marketing to 5 custom websites, a professional Facebook page with thousands of 'Likes' and setup/managed...more

  • Donated Website, Social Marketing, Clothing, Volunteered

    Friendship House and Catherine's Place
    • Social Services
    March 2005 August 2012 (7 years 6 months)

    I saw the Friendship House website on accident and noticed it was old, out of date and did not portray the true value of the organization well. After contacting them we designed, developed and donated a beautiful new colorful website to help share the message of hope, safety and anti-abuse for women and children in the Kansas City area.

    After the initial website we donated updates, online...more

Robert Dotcom Jackson and his company Internet Builders Consulting have been recognized as The Best Place to Work in Kansas City four times (2004, 2004, 2009 & 2012), have been awarded Outstanding Small Business by the City of Kansas City and Mayor, received 113 Best Internet Marketing and Website Development awards local and nationwide and remain the most successful and respected companies in Kansas City.

Beyond Kansas City

In addition to his success and leadership in Kansas City Robert Dotcom Jackson has been a speaker at the NAHB International Shows each year since 1999, was the first Social Networking Trainer for the Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES) in Las Vegas, has been a speaker at Search Engine Expo, the NAIC National Convention and NAHB Board Meetings in Washington D.C. as he continues to be a sought after public speaker and Internet Expert. Mr. Jackson is often called on by major national cable networks like NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, FOX News and FOX Business interviews and expertise on social networking, Google Glass, business and Internet related topics. He is also a nationally know expert in websites, SEO and Social Marketing. He has more experience and years developing websites, search engine optimization and social marketing solutions than anyone else in the industry.

A Focus On Innovation

As a national speaker and celebrity, Robert Dotcom has not forgotten the companies and people he works with. At any given time you may find Mr. Jackson working at the office until 3AM to help a customer in need, volunteering to help a local charity, working on a car with a friend in need or simply doing what he can to improve Kansas City. Thousands of clients and companies worldwide have had the opportunity to talk directly with Robert Dotcom, the most awarded Internet Expert in Kansas City history. thousands more follow Robert Dotcom and his companies on Facebook and Twitter.

Not Business As Usual

He is known among the industry as the top expert, honest, straightforward, hard working, and as a business owner who continually innovates while helping others and follows-through until the job is done - a hard worker who spends time in the field with his team while remaining one of the top experts in the country.

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