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- Chris George, Chris George Homes
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Change Is Never Easy

Change is never easy.
Kansas City powerbrokers are fighting for the status quo but Mayor Funkhouser knows that the status quo isn’t good enough. People are moving away from Kansas City and he wants to do something about it.
Mayor Funkhouser is fighting the status quo. And he will continue to fight the status quo so that he can fulfill his original campaign promise; A City That Works For Regular Folks.
Mayor Funkhouser is not a political powerbroker.
Mayor Funkhouser is not a developer.
Mayor Funkhouser is not a CEO.
Mayor Funkhouser is not running the city from Johnson County.
So who IS Mayor Funkhouser? And what has he done for Kansas City?
Mayor Funkhouser is your strongest advocate in City Hall.
After over a hundred town hall meetings, conferences with local unions and small business, talks with countless leaders, visits to police and fire stations, Mayor Funkhouser has communicated with the people of Kansas City and learned what they want and expect from their city government.
And he has delivered.
Through a global economic crisis, Mayor Funkhouser has protected your tax dollars.
Mayor Funkhouser has fought for full funding for the police department.
Mayor Funkhouser has whipped the city’s finances back into shape.
Mayor Funkhouser has focused on Kansas City families and the neighborhoods in which they live.
Mayor Funkhouser has curtailed the out-of-control tax incentives created for developers and left in place by previous administrations.
It has not been easy.
A lot of powerful people had enjoyed things just the way they were. And in a continuous effort to go back to the way things used to be, they’ve tried to undermine the credibility of this Mayor, a Mayor with two Masters degrees and a Ph.D., who has been lauded nationally, and even internationally, for his high ethics and extreme professionalism. It’s been a bumpy ride.
But Mayor Funkhouser is a principled man.
He didn’t succumb to the status quo.
Instead, he got the job done.
Mayor Funkhouser was elected by a grassroots campaign. He will be re-elected the same way. Please consider donating, volunteering and letting your Facebook friends know you are supportive of Mayor Funkhouser.
Together we can finish what we started and create A City That Works For Regular Folks.
Who is Mayor Funkhouser?
Mayor Funkhouser stays grounded and focused by retreating late each night to the stability of his 30-year marriage, his children, and a clutch of young people he continues to mentor and support. Relaxed on his own front porch with a beer in his hand, Mayor Funkhouser continues to think about and do what is right for the city and what is best for its citizens.
In today’s economy, we NEED a Mayor who understands the numbers and can balance the budget. Please join the effort to keep our Mayor at City Hall where he can continue the monumental task of reforming our City government and strengthening and rebuilding our neighborhoods.

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